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Aimed to elevate, encourage, and empower youth through education, exposure, and experiences. Our goal is to increase school retention and literacy rates, and promote higher education.


Offers free attorney referrals for those seeking assistance for family, business, other civil legal concerns.

Low-Cost Will & Estate planning seminars are also available for any church, business, or organization.

To help give voice and understanding to marginalized experiences CADAP has created a cooperative, digital-based, production facility which allows organizations and individuals to create and share impactful visual stories of racial inequities and proposed, viable solutions.



Students move through lessons to learn concepts and apply them creatively. Lessons provide basics of programming, web design, and game design.



We teach students how to use the internet as a tool to create commercial opportunities, disseminate information, collaborate and connect. 


Career exploration is essential in making STEM careers a viable option for students and in bridging the gap from learned skills to practical application. Workshop allow for hands-on immersion to further engage students.


CADAP aims to engage and introduce at-risk and minority youth to programming through a series of hands on, computer based learning tools, and give them a solid foundation for continued computer science/coding exploration.

Minority youth's exposure to technology and STEM overall is consistently declining. Our mission is to introduce basic concepts and provide them with a functional literacy of code and decrease the digital divide plaguing the tech world and hindering their opportunities. We provide fun and educational technology programs that are relevant and engaging through a series of lessons, challenges, and hands on activities. We aim to build confidence in the participant’s ability to generate and understand concepts of coding and broaden knowledge of computer science based careers.

Reaching young people with effective, fact-based drug education programs designed to reduce substance use and support the efforts of community coalitions working to prevent substance use among youth.

We provide housing and comprehensive support services to people at risk in order to facilitate changes in their lives. Our goal is to help them regain their independence and dignity, and break the cycle of self destructive patterns to re-establish productive lives.

The meeting spaces are available for reservation for non-profit organizations, small businesses, and entrepreneurs in Southern Dallas County.

#LevelUP After School Enrichment Program 

Legal  Referral Center

Digital Story Telling-Production Facility

CADAP Collaborative: Community Meeting Space & Training Center

Transitional Housing

Saturday Code Crunch

Programming 101

Digital Entrepreneurship 
Career Exploration
Guest Speakers & More

Programs & Initiatives 

Youth Drug Prevention Program

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